Transition Into A Life Of Wellness
Counseling and what you should know about me...
  • Licensed, board certified with over thirty years experience.
  • Specializing in relationship/marriage counseling.
  • Couples counseling for reconcilation or divorce.
  • Diverse, multi-cultural background.
  • Cognitive behavioral solution-oriented approach to treatment.

Coming from a diverse, multi-cultural and multilingual background, having lived in three different continents, I uphold the values of individuality, self-determination, respect, non-judgement, open mindedness and personal responsibility.

My clients tell me that what they find most helpful is my tendency to be direct and straightforward.  My work is goal oriented in that I guide individuals toward life enhancing change and strive to do it as efficiently as possible by focusing on the here and now and people's "process".  I help create change by identifying parts of people's processes that, perhaps, having once served them well, are now working against them.  My approach to therapy is a positive oriented approach based on a cognitive-behavioral and solution-oriented model that builds self-confidence by expanding on skills and changing ineffective behaviors.

Therapy available to adult and young adult individuals and couples.

Experienced counseling for anxiety, depression, parenting, lesbian/gay, life issues. 

Complete confidentiality.

Invoice provided for your submission to your insurance company if out of network.

Fees:  $140
Insurance accepted:  , CareFirst, BCBS, Medicare.
Other insurances out of network

"You have been such a blessing to me.  There were many days I walked into your office with my head down, my energy level shot and feeling very sorry for myself.  Invariably, I would leave feeling much better and ready to take my next step.  Somehow, I felt that you truly understood what I needed on those days.  Your words were like a personalized prescription.  You were always kind and considerate but often direct with your words.  I never had to guess what your opinion was...  And guess what?  You were always right!"
                               Michael K. 

Your guidance carried me through rough times and still does.  I am forever grateful.  
I thank you for your honesty, dedication, professionalism and for being a wonderful and gifted lady.  

You have been so helpful to me over the years, I could never praise you or give you anywhere near what you deserve.
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